The Wonders of the Linux Kernel

Yep. Left and in deadlock over the same file again... Bummer.

And yes, I'm the kind of guy who keeps tabs on temperature stats. In this weather, you just have to.


And since we're looking at graphs, here's the latest update on my :

It finally seems to be dying down, but I had to put the static page up again on Tuesday.

No Real News Today

I saw the news about JustePort. It's no big deal, really - you can now create your own applications to stream to the Express but it has to be properly encoded. It will be a very nice add-on to third-party DAAP servers, though, if someone manages to do decent on-the-fly encoding...

That said, I'll be trying to get an MSN bot/agent/Ambrosio clone up tonight, using msnp and a couple of patches. I can't be bothered with setting up my own Jabber server just now, and everyone in the office uses MSN anyway, so this will be of some use in my environment.

(And yeah, is growing on me, especially since I just narrowly escaped breaking one of my boxes with the usual CPAN "oh-look-you're-not-running-the-latest-bleeding-edge-, let's-install-it-for-you" tomfoolery. I just can't update on some of my boxes, period.)