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  •  is preparing an update to its MSN Messenger port. Nothing (re)volutionary, and it looks like the new version will not be SIP-enabled (VoIP capabilities are still a Windows-only feature).
  • New rumors. Previous rumors of a 13" 16:9 machine are still unconfirmed (but I'm getting seriously annoyed with my work PC, so I'm tracking this closely).
  • Quicksilver has been updated to Beta 20, and now has a nice online manual (via spool). I have updated my using some of the manual images to illustrate a few points.


  • The Symbian novella continues. SonyEricsson is trying to wrestle control from Nokia, and the turf war is getting interesting.
  • 90% of all telephones sold in Japan are cameraphones. 46% of the total were megapixel phones, and Japanese people buy 13 million phones per quarter. Portugal still has a way to go here...
  • Global statistics, however, are a bit different: of the 525 million phones accounted for last year, only 84 million (16%) were cameraphones. Nevertheless, that's nearly twice the amount of digital cameras sold (49 million). The article is worth reading for the manufacturer ranks alone:
Cameraphones sold:
1. NEC         13.1 million
2. Nokia       11   million <- largest worldwide (w/normal phones)
3. Samsung     10   million
4. Panasonic    9.2 million
5. SonyEricsson 8.2 million
 9-12 yrs 57%
13-15 yrs 95%
16-19 yrs 100%
20-24 yrs 99%
25-44 yrs 93%
45-66 yrs 86%
67-79 yrs 60%

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  • Core 2 Test 2 is out. I'll wait for the stable version, thanks.
  • NetBSD 2.0 is gearing up for release, scheduled for late May.
  • Sony has issued a firmware update for its DSC-F828 and cameras. If you intend to buy one, check this article.
  • The Xbox dropped to US$150, (roughly what I paid for mine at a clearance sale), following two previous cuts (May'02 - 199, May'03 - 179). Someone is bound to work out the manufacturing costs eventually, but despite the reasonable assumption that is still losing money on each Xbox sold, people are already saying it's $20 too expensive.