The Panther Needs a Manicure?

There are a lot of reports floating around of Panther corrupting the partition table on Firewire disks. says it's just on a specific Firewire 800 chipset (or variations thereof), others say it's more general. Some say it's part of the funkyness of doing an upgrade rather than a clean install.

Anyway, it's all over the place: Wired News, MacCentral, Yahoo.

I'll definetly be doing a backup - to an disk. Just in case.

WPA comes to

Not a moment too soon, released WPA support for . However, it's only for newer Airport Extreme devices, which strikes me as one of the dumbest things they could to to their installed base.

The Bluetooth Nears

According to MacRumours, we're likely to have some sort of Bluetooth accessories for the in a few months. I'm a trifle miffed that most of the new accessories are only for the newer s, though.

Eolas Patent Challenged

Aha. At long last, the W3C has asked for the Eolas patent to be reexamined, in what seems to be one of the few recorded instances of a standards body actually doing something. We can only hope the IEEE follows suit and forces vendors to get with the program and end the current 802.1X mess.

The Slashdot crowd is actually discussing it seriously. Ha. Fooled you!

Hyatt Implements the <BLINK> tag in

I'm kidding. He actually implemented <MARQUEE>. Nearly as useless, though.

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