Piles Of Work, Some Quickies

First off, a great hint on Folder Actions. I've got to get to grips with some time.

Next up, my copy of Panther is winging its way over here - right on time for a weekend of backups, mixed with a tentative transition to FreeBSD on one of my boxes (yeah, I'm considering becoming a 5.x series bigot).

And UT2003 has a new patch out. Duh. The "UnGame" lives on, apparently...

rdesktop goes 16-bit

At long last, rdesktop now supports 16-bit displays, audio and connections to a server console - which is great news for the folk who need to access Windows applications - any box will do.

N-Gage for 1p

The Register has more news on the N-Gage discounts. No comments here - I won't touch the thing with a thirty-foot pole.

Oh, and SideTalkin got updated (with six or seven more pages of hilarious photos):