Eolas Patent Update

Apparently there's still hope for the US patent system: the Eolas patent is being reexamined due to prior art claims, but not just the W3C's.

RedHat on Cobalt Hardware

Michael Fenner, with whom I've been keeping touch, has succeeded in getting RedHat 9.0 running on a Qube 3. I have yet to find the time to hook up everything again and duplicate his approach in order to finish the draft HOWTO I started a few months back, but quite a few people were questioning if it could be done at all, and Michael deserves the credit for finding out how.

(I will post more details as we iron out the procedure - watch this space.)

Instant Messaging on Mobile Phones

Following Microsoft's push of MSN Messenger on its smartphones, Sprint partnered with Yahoo! and AOL with AT&T in order to provide IM services. Sprint uses a Java version of the Yahoo! client and charges a monthly fee of USD 3, but AT&T's approach isn't specified.

PlayStation Games on the Pocket PC

The video is being linked from a gazillion places right now, so I'll stick to the basics: this forum thread is discussing how to use FPSEce to run PlayStation games on a Pocket PC (by loading game images via Wi-Fi). Of course playing them is an entirely different matter (since you don't actually have a controller and the battery is likely to last only a short while), but like many geek things, the amazing part is that it works at all.

Manage Cisco Gear With Mac OS X

This ranks right up there with Graphviz as the most original Mac OS X application I've seen in a while:

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