Minimalistic Fix for Smut Referrals

if( ($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'] == "" ) ) {
header( "HTTP/1.1 501 FUCK OFF!" );
"<p>You have been spamming my site with URLs to porn sites," );
"and I am in the process of reporting this abuse to your ISP.</p>" );
"<p>I hope they cancel your service.</p>" );

Utterly frivolous, I know (the idiot who has been spamming my site with smut referrals will just get a new IP address), but very satisfactory after a fashion.

Next up, automatic self-configuring site blocking. All I need is a relatively small set of keywords, a hash table, some kick-ass regular expressions and a nice big error page.

Oh, and some way to e-mail their ISP's "abuse" address with a nicely formatted HTML report. Using our Linux-powered orbital brain lasers on vermin is such a waste of power...

Oh Boy...

Mário Valente was on TV just now talking about social software, weblogs, wikis, and whatnot. There was also a good showing of pTd's site and some interviews, with oddly unbiased (and uninflated) reporting. Maybe (just maybe) the weblog hype is dying out over here...

Blogroll Changes

The guys at 2lmc deserve a nice spot atop my list, as well as a couple of others. I've shaken out some of the "dead" links, and will be picking some of my tech sources to add later.