Notes for May 08-14

This was a weird, atypical week. Tiring, too, in more ways than one.

Monday, 2023-05-08

More (this time here in Portugal), which was a major downer after and completely killed the mood for the entire day.

Tuesday, 2023-05-09

Mostly chores.

  • Printed a few Gridfinity grids and storage boxes for my new desk.
  • Renewed one of my AI certifications.

Wednesday, 2023-05-10

Tried and did some AI whispering instead.

  • Built an OpenAI-powered RSS feed summarizer in after figuring a decent way to incorporate it into my current pipeline (I run an RSS “caching proxy” that fetches, enriches and even creates feeds that otherwise wouldn’t exist).
  • Dropped “down” to using gpt-3.5-turbo because it’s more than good enough to both do translations and bulleted topic lists, although I suspect I’ll be using gpt-4 for the next iteration since I’m not impressed with its reliability in generating valid JSON–but I am impressed that it can do so so easily:
It can get a bit creative sometimes, but this does work.

Thursday, 2023-05-11


Friday, 2023-05-12

Regular work catch-up day.

  • Fiddled with my RSS summarizer a bit more. With some prompt tweaking and a bit of lateral thinking for fine-tuning token usage, gpt-3.5-turbo is indeed good enough for all that I need right now and provide me with headroom for spending less than $0.05 a day on generating nice summaries (and save me at least half an hour a day right now).
  • Set up at my desk and revamped the monitoring script a bit (I was not doing proper hwmon auto-discovery). Keeping it cool seems to be a solved problem for now, so I am eager to get back to doing other stuff.
  • Wrote a letter to The Economist:
Well, it is the truth.

Saturday, 2023-05-13


  • Investigated circle a bit more since I have a project that I wanted to do with it as a base runtime.

Sunday, 2023-05-14

Finally, some fun.

  • .
  • Cleaned up my RSS summarizer to properly use system and assistant contexts as well, which
  • Played some more Zelda.
  • 3D printed a Rudist for my kids’ school project:
His design, not mine.
  • Played even more Zelda.

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