Notes for April 3-9

Following my , am cutting down on these a bit, only listing stuff I’m likely to want to refer to later.

Monday, 2023-04-03

  • Fired off LibreOffice Impress and drew up a house network diagram.

I intend to maintain it in PowerPoint format, because it is the one visual format that will and likely just about everything else.

Thursday, 2023-04-06

Took the day off for an extended Easter break.

  • Installed a first TL-SG108E in my server closet (I expect to set up at least two more, but piecemeal as I re-wire some things). The UI is simple but serviceable and the thing is both IGMP and VLAN-aware, so I’m happy with the results so far (although I will need to replace a few other switches to take full advantage of it).
  • Did an extensive cleanup of some project folders that were going nowhere.

Friday, 2023-04-07

  • Resumed working on replacing the hot-end on my , which included printing a first version of a replacement toolhead carriage.
  • Resumed designing an USB accelerometer module using a Pi Pico and an ADXL345.
  • Printed a solder jig for assembly that I intend to turn into a case.

Saturday, 2023-04-08

Still quite amazed at how flexible is.

Saturday, 2023-04-09

Went to the countryside for a few days.

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