eBook Readers


Notes on some e-ink1 devices other than the Kindle and the Sony Reader:

Device Date Link Notes
Nook Jun 21 $149.99 WiFi-only Nook confirmed by Best Buy listing Amazon’s reply is forthcoming, I’ll bet.
May 29 WiFi-only Nook gets FCC approval? Hmmm. Going to be interesting to watch.
Apr 26 Nook outsells Kindle in March? Expect a sharp price drop of the Kindle soon.
Apr 23 Barnes & Noble Nook gaming and web browsing impressions Looks pretty decent. I wonder if I could find one to try in Portugal.
Nook gets web browser, free in-store reading, and games in new firmware Neat.
Jan 23 Learn from my misery: Don’t buy a nook. A remarkable tale of truly appalling customer service.
Dec 21 Nook 1.1 doesn’t affect hacks, root still possible It’s going to be fun watching this unfold.
Nook 1.1 update hitting now
Dec 17 Nook hacked with Web browser, Facebook, and Twitter apps for starters Yep. Pretty predictable, really. Might get my hands on one if they sort out connectivity and browsing.
Dec 14 Barnes & Noble Nook torn down and rooted — but still respected Well, now that’s interesting… Having the OS on an SD card makes it hackable as hell, but the question remains as to whether it’s worth the bother…
Dec 11 Advogato: Blog for mjg59 Slow and pokey.
Dec 10 State of the Art – Barnes and Noble’s Nook Reader Fails to Live Up to Promises – NYTimes.com Pogue weighs in.
Dec 09 Nook E-Reader Has Potential, but Needs Work Mossberg says it’s better to wait.
Dec 08 Buy for Free? A more interesting review than the mainstream ones.
Dec 7 Barles & Noble Nook Review Not overwhelming, then.
Dec 05 Barnes & Noble’s Nook gets a brief and early hands-on Hmmm.
Dec 05 Nook ship date pushed back to January 15th for new pre-orders, no Nooks in stores before Christmas? Slipping and slipping…
Dec 01 Nook ship date slips to January 11th, supply chain managers weep Well, there goes Christmas.
Nov 30 Nook begins shipping, in select Barnes & Noble stores on December 7th I’m curious as to when real-world reviews will start popping up.
Nov 22 e-Book Echo: Nook Sells Out; Kindle Update Coming Selling out isn’t that relevant: what is relevant is how many units they produced in the first place…
Nov 03 Spring Design sues Barnes & Noble over the Nook Now this is a novel business strategy… Work together and clone things.
Oct 23 Barnes & Noble nook LendMe feature is severely limited, assumes you have friends I love the way simple, straighforward stuff is completely screwed up by DRM.
Oct 22 Barnes & Noble Puts Wi-Fi, HSPA in Nook Ebook Reader So, apparently, no web browser. Meh.
Barnes & Noble’s Nook Reads Books The format support looks a bit confusing, but the real issue is whether they’ll make it easy to import already existing stuff (not to mention whether they’ll allow even basic browsing via Wi-Fi). I’d love to sync my Google Reader feeds with one of these.
Oct 20 Barnes & Noble puts Android on an e-reader with the Nook Impressive at $259 and considering it runs a form of Android, but still US-centric.
Barnes & Noble Nook’s first close-up
Barnes & Noble Nook is Official — Knocks the Kindle to the Curb
Barnes & Noble Nook e-reader leaks a bit early: $259, pre-orders are live
Oct 15 Barnes & Noble Reader Deets Appear Seems interesting, but the pictures are… strange.
Oct 14 Barnes & Noble twin-screen e-reader revealed early? Nothing useful about “DRM”:Wikipedia:Digital_rights_management or format support.
Oct 9 Barnes and Noble ‘confirms’ color Plastic Logic e-book reader for Spring 2010 Couldn’t care less about the color bit – but would love to get a feel for build quality. Oh, and the video doesn’t show anything of interest whatsoever, and was contradicted the day after.
Sep 18 Barnes and Noble e-book reader hits the FCC Looks like it has a SIM card slot cover, but it’s too early to tell. Not holding my breath.
Jul 20 Barnes & Noble partners with Plastic Logic, becomes ‘exclusive eBookstore provider’ for its e-reader This keeps getting better and better. It will probably be hideously expensive.
Misc. Jun 16 Whatever happened to the e-reader tsunami of 2010? Nothing much.
Jun 11 iRex Technologies files for bankruptcy, partly due to US problems Ah well.
Apr 21 Paradigm Shift debuts $130 EER-051D e-reader I think entry-level devices will go under the $100 mark by mid-2011 (there’s so much value you can add on the low end).
Mar 02 ASUS DR-900 e-reader hands-on Doesn’t look half bad.
Oct 30 ASUS to launch 3G, WiMAX-equipped e-book readers by March, 2010? I remember when they claimed they’d do a sub-$200 netbook.
Oct 27 A Graphic History of Newspaper Circulation Over the Last Two Decades Truly impressive.
Alex May 01 First Look: Spring Design Alex– Dual Screen e-Book Reader A sort of a review.
Mar 22’10 Spring Design Alex review Seems limited.
Feb 24’10 Spring Design’s Alex pushed to first week of March The timing’s awful.
Jan 06’10 Spring Design Alex hands-on Interesting, although it seems little polished yet.
Nov 06 Spring Design Alex comes out to play and show off Marvell’s Armada chip Looks pretty nice, actually.
Nov 03 Spring Design Sues Barnes and Noble — Nook Infringes on the Alex So if this is true, they “borrowed” the idea. Weird.
Samsung E series Feb 22’10 Samsung’s E6, E101 and E61 e-readers shown on video Interesting, but… a stylus?
Plastic Reader Jan 07’10 Plastic Logic debuts QUE proReader, shows off truVue publications Interesting – they claim not to be doing “just an e-reader”. Would it be a usable personal assistant as well?
Plastic Logic QUE proReader first hands-on The bezel is far too wide. Can’t anybody design one of these things with a smaller bezel and good controls?
Jul 22 Plastic Logic’s E-Book Reader Will Surf AT&T and Wi-Fi Makes perfect sense.
May 27 Plastic Logic e-book reader: now with 3G Let’s wait and see.
Feb 9 Plastic Logic announces content partners, open publishers platform It’s going to be interesting to keep track of this one.
Bookeen Jul 7 Video: Bookeen Cybook Opus ebook reader gets handled and adored Again, smallish.
May 18 Bookeen Cybook Opus- Pocketable E-Book Reader Looks nice, if smallish.
BeBook May 14 BeBook mini and BeBook 2 priced, 3G added to the latter Not much detail, though.
Apr 30 BeBook mini e-reader with 5-inch display makes pictorial debut Not sure if this is a good idea, but it does look cute.
Apr 22 BeBook Reader Captured on Video Short, not much interesting.
Mar 6 BeBook e-reader getting WiFi, new firmware update: eyes-on Wi-Fi access via SD card, which isn’t all that bad.
Foxit Dec 10 Foxit busts out ebook store for eSlick owners Yet another store.
Mar 30 Foxit’s eSlick e-reader ships out, gets photographed Not much to go on.
Samsung Papyrus Mar 24 Samsung Papyrus e-book reader on track for Korean launch this summer Somewhat oddly designed, and sadly carries a stylus.
Mentor Mar 24 Mentor-branded 5-inch e-reader surfaces alongside PocketBook collection Tiny, which seems to buck current trends for larger screens.
Fujitsu FLEPia Mar 18 Fujitsu’s Color E-book Reader: Mobile Computer Form Factor of the Future? The title is a bit pretentious, but the device, despite its odd name is interesting because it sports a color screen.
Boox Feb 27 Onyx International to unveil the Boox e-reader at CeBIT First I ever heard of it.

1 E Ink is a Philips division devoted to “electronic ink” displays.