Dumb and Dumber

Looks like there is a new candidate for my Dumb Ideas list: the .mail TLD proposal, currently being bashed to death publicly. Of course, .xxx and .mob (or .mobi) are also being proposed to ICANN, and we all know how .biz turned out... We'll see. Some make sense, some don't.

This is Our Hotspot, See?

It looks like AMD is building a Wi-Fi network using nothing but stickers, putting up their logo without the site owner's consent. This is madness - how long until hotdog carts start carrying access points? Not much longer, it seems...

Pen And (Expensive) Paper

Siemens licenses Anoto technology and makes another ugly pen. I still wonder who actually uses these things at the price they sell Anoto paper... But the user interface looks fun.

Browser History Done Right