Devices, Lots of Devices

Most of the interesting stuff on the news today is about devices (not much of interest in either the telco market or IT). Here's a brief take:

  • The HipTop, after being left for dead by T-Mobile, is apparently back. Very little is known about specs, pricing and (of course) operator backing. Expect this to be a hot topic during the next week or so.
  • And speaking of zombie devices, it looks like someone has actually touched an OQO prototype. So I'm taking it out of my "Vaporware" listing and marking it as "Not Commercially Viable By a Long Shot". After all, people likely to actually buy such a thing will probably prefer to spend a little extra and buy a sub-mini laptop like the Toshiba/R100.
  • , currently the target of an EU fine (as everyone in the tech business must know by now), being probably behind on schedule to release Windows Mobile 2004, has decided to update the 2003 platform with features like WPA, VGA screen support (and rotation), a native MMS client for the smartphone form factor (about time) and quite a few other minor features. Getting manufacturers to update their current devices is another thing entirely, however.