The Kindle is Amazon’s reader, originally gifted with plain e-ink display and EV-DO connectivity.

For a while the range included (but locked) tablets, the original model of which was based on the same hardware reference designs as the BlackBerry Playbook. These were later rebranded as the Fire tablets.


Date Link Notes
2011-09-29 Amazon’s Tablet Leads to Its Store A decent summary.
2010-07-28 New Amazon Kindle announced: $139 WiFi-only version and $189 3G model available August 27th in the US and UK Looks very good. I’m going to wait and see what people say about the browser.
2010-07-20 Kindle Sales Triple Impressive.
2010-07-07 Amazon’s graphite Kindle DX now shipping Must… hide… credit card.
2010-07-02 E Ink explains the new Pearl display used in the updated Kindle DX Hmmm.
2010-07-01 Graphite Kindle DX coming July 7th for $379, now available for pre-order Graphite. Hmm.
2010-07-01 Amazon cuts the giant Kindle DX price to $379 from $489 and includes better-contrast display. Still a niche tool comp… Now this is interesting…
2010-06-30 Kindle’s 70% Solution With delivery costs. Hmm.
2010-06-21 Amazon’s Kindle conveniently falls to $189, Nook looks stunned and bitter Makes it a lot more interesting.
2010-06-15 Kindle 2.5 firmware now available for keepsies Took them long enough.
2010-06-10 Kindle 2.5.2 firmware available for manual update, but only for international types For international devices only.
2010-06-03 Kindle 2.5 update pushed back a few weeks for some ‘small adjustments’ Probably some teething issues.
2010-05-31 Slim Kindle ‘Shasta’ to be first with WiFi? Makes a lot of sense, and will likely push down the device price.
2010-05-29 Amazon Kindle slimming down in August? Would help if it was more widely available.
2010-05-24 Amazon’s Kindle 2.5 software update begins to roll out Interesting.
2010-05-18 Kindle for Android Worth looking into.
2010-05-07 Kindle’s social networking-friendly 2.5 update gets an early preview A bit more detail.
2010-05-07 Kindle 2.5 hands on: social networks, passwords, and more I have to wonder how far they want to take this.
2010-04-29 Kindle version 2.5 update gets Facebooked and Twitterized A social Kindle?
2010-04-22 Kindle officially going on sale at Target on April 25 Now this is interesting… I wonder if they’ll do an European retail deal with the likes of FNAC.
2010-01-21 Amazon Opens Kindle to Developers, Changes Royalties They saw the coming.
2010-02-08 More Authors Signing Exclusive Kindle Deals
2010-01-20 Amazon hikes Kindle royalties to 70%, with a catch
2010-01-20 Amazon to start paying 70 percent royalties on Kindle books that play by its rules
2010-01-06 Amazon Kindle DX with global wireless: ships January 19th for $489 I keep wondering what’s keeping them from shipping these babies from the UK or Germany…
2009-12-27 Kindle most gifted item in Amazon’s history, e-books outsell physical tomes on Christmas Day Hardly a surprise.
2009-12-25 Amazon Kindle gets its DRM stripped (for the time being) Predictable.
2009-12-23 Hackers break Amazon’s Kindle DRM unswindle is already getting popular…
2009-12-07 Amazon beefing up Kindle’s functionality for vision-impared users as B&N’s Nook stays silent Seems like a logical step forward
2009-12-06 Questions for Jeff Bezos 48 e-copies for each 100 sold… Not bad.
2009-11-30 Kindle is the biggest selling item on Amazon, bests sliced bread I wonder if it sells better than whole wheat bread.
2009-11-26 Kindle 2 finally gets native PDF support, screen rotation A lot more info on the updates.
2009-11-25 Amazon promises update to better ‘organize Kindle libraries’ I suppose they expect to have people buy hundreds of books.
2009-11-25 Kindle 2.3 software update available, generation 1 owners need not apply I’m still waiting for a completely European DX edition.
2009-11-25 Kindle firmware update promises 85 percent battery boost, native PDF reader Okay, so there was something clearly wrong with power management after all… Nevermind PDF support (which ought to have been there all along), I’ve always found it weird that my friends with a complained about battery life…
2009-11-12 Will Amazon’s Kindle Software Kill the Kindle Hardware? No. I sometimes wonder if jkOnTheRun was added to the GigaOm network just to ask obvious questions and grab page-views by replying to them at length, but that may be just my cynicism creeping up on me.
2009-11-11 Amazon Kindle for PC: Now delivering books to your desktop US-only. How quaint.
2009-11-11 Kindle for PC adds flexibility, but not a whole lot more Summary: not worth the trouble.
2009-10-24 Kindle software coming to Mac OS X I’m frankly curious, but use too many computers for comfort and, given the issues about international pricing, won’t spend a dime over what a regular Amazon purchase would cost me.
2009-10-23 Amazon Kindle for PC available ‘soonish’ Not that I expect this to be as useful as the mobile versions, but it’s an interesting twist.
2009-10-23 Amazon Hobbles Features For International Kindle The bit about their delivering content without any photos just has to be a bug - otherwise, they’re just killing their own product.
2009-10-22 Amazon’s international Kindle surprises owners with $20 refund, limited web browsing So they’re coming to their senses - to some extent. Let’s see if the international edition of the DX will have proper browsing, otherwise I’ll certainly go for the burgeoning competition…
2009-10-21 Who Named the Kindle (and Why)? Interesting.
2009-10-14 International Kindle won’t let you use terrible web browser overseas I wonder if they will change this if they do a decent Euro version
2009-10-09 Amazon confirms international Kindle DX is on the way too A lot more interesting. Now they only have to make the pricing more sensible.
2009-10-07 Kindle now $259, available worldwide with wireless delivery I’ll wait for the DX and full integration with the UK store…
2009-10-07 Amazon Cuts Kindle Price, Offers Internation Edition
2009-10-01 Kindle coming to the UK in October? Amazon might just tell us next week Of course they will. It’s been brewing for months.
2009-07-24 Jeff Bezos issues humble apology over pulled Kindle title Might not be enough to save face, though.
2009-06-19 Amazon Kindle DX Review Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Worse keyboard.
2009-05-25 Kindle formatting for web geeks Some interesting notes on how it handles HTML markup.
2009-05-07 Dallas Morning News To Senate: Amazon Kindle Is Not A Business Model For Newspapers Me, I like their business model.
2009-05-06 The Kindle Lets Amazon Make a Lot From the Few The ARPU from users must be amazing.
2009-05-06 Amazon Kindle DX announced: $489, ships this summer Includes a gallery.
2009-05-06 Amazon Kindle DX first hands-on (with video!) Not that exciting.
2009-05-06 Amazon supersizes Kindle for textbooks, newspapers No Wi-Fi, no expansion, and I wonder why it doesn’t have a 2-up mode when rotated, but the PDF support is a nice add-on.
2009-05-01 Informal poll suggests nearly 70% of Kindle owners are over 40 Strange. Here’s a copy of the graph:
2009-04-22 iSuppli: $359 Kindle 2 costs $185 to build, Whispernet says shhh The overall value seems about right, although the Novatel module price is for a fairly high-volume tier
2009-03-09 Kindle 2 Usability Review Jakob Nielsen weighs in.
2009-02-28 Amazon Gives In To Ridiculous Authors Guild Claim: Allows Authors To Block Text-To-Speech. Just sad. But the enlightened ones won’t be stupid and stingy.
2009-02-28 Amazon sorta capitulates, will let publishers decide text-to-speech availability
2009-02-28 Amazon Caves On Kindle 2 Text-To-Speech
2009-02-26 Evolution yields revolution: the Kindle 2 Pretty thorough review.
2009-02-26 Why Kindle 2’s Screen Took 12 Years and $150 Million Interesting discussion regarding this interview on E-ink
2009-02-26 Amazon Kindle 2 review Nice gallery and close-up shots.
2009-02-25 Kindle’s Text to Speech Under Fire And it just goes on and on…
2009-02-25 Authors Guild Continues To Falsely Claim That Reading Aloud On A Kindle Violates Audio Rights
2009-02-25 Further signs point to an international Kindle Now this is a lot more interesting…
2009-02-24 Kindle 2 dissected, found to contain space for a SIM card Of course, it’s not that simple - you need a lot more electronics than just a card reader…
2009-02-24 Kindle 2 First Look Complete disassembly, with loads of pictures.
2009-02-11 Know Your Rights: Does the Kindle 2’s text-to-speech infringe authors’ copyrights? This has got to be the stupidest legal issue regarding ebooks, ever. What about visually challenged folk?
2009-02-09 Hands on with Kindle 2: what a difference a screen makes Apparently, the screen is improved. However, there are mixed opinions on that.
2009-02-09 Kindle 2: Slimmer, Smarter In which we read that 10% of Amazon sales seem to be Kindle books
2009-02-09 Amazon Announces Kindle 2 Ebook Reader Good (if biased) overview
2009-02-09 Amazon revamps Kindle, hints at bigger things to come Not much to come, really, but comprehensive article nonetheless
2009-02-09 Kindle 2 first hands-on! (updated with video and impressions) Nothing much to see, really, although the response time seems good.
2008-05-18 Amazon Kindle Review Very detailed review
2007-11-23 Bookishness On the device’s lack of ergonomics and style
2007-11-22 Amazon Kindle sells out on debut Sold out, sure, but how many?
2007-11-19 Amazon Kindle first hands-on A small gallery
2007-11-19 The Future of Reading - A Play in Six Acts Mark Pilgrim, in his inimitable style, rips through the TOS.
2007-11-18 The Future of Reading The Newsweek piece that started it all.

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