Django is a Python-based MVC application framework that is almost, but not quite, completely unlike Rails (with apologies to “Douglas Adams”:Wikipedia:Douglas_Adams).

It is also the best framework I’ve ever used, even though it can be a little temperamental sometimes.


Category Date Link Notes
Modifications Oct’16 django-micro A lightweight wrapper to use Django as you would Bottle
Admin UI Sep’16 django-admin-sortable Extremely useful add-on for handling sortable models
Themes Jul’15 django-material A material design theme for forms and admin
Components Jun’13 qrauth A brilliant way to make it easier to log in via mobile.
Jun’12 Tastypie A great REST API extension.
UI Jun’12 extdirect.django Easy integration with ExtJS datagrids and other useful components
Apps May’12 Lightning Fast Shop an e-commerce bundle.
Sep’16 Wagtail A versatile CMS
Reference Older Running Django with FCGI and lighttpd A sensible HOWTO
Cheat Sheet An old (but useful) PDF
Matt’s list of gotchas Tales from the trenches