Random Tidbits

Tired. Stuff I think you should know about:

  • Vista Beta 1 gets a review (and oodles of screenshots).
  • Inkscape 0.42 is available for Mac OS X. It mostly works on Windows, ran once on my iBook (only the once) and can't start at all on my iMac. From the half an hour I played with it on both platforms, I can't say I like the UI much. For starters, it relies on X11, which is just plain wrong for a Mac OS X application (okay, it's 0.42, fine). But it's starting to display GIMP-like UI clutter and counter-intuitiveness. For instance, getting rotation handles to appear on stuff by double-clicking shapes doesn't make sense for me. The application itself is very impressive, but I can't really see myself using it until it runs reliably and ditches X11 on the Mac. Update: pfig warned me about it creating .inkscape and .inkscape-etc in your home directory (something to get rid of if you try it). Meanwhile, it runs OK in Fedora.
  • Minimo has been updated to 0.007. Haven't tried it yet, drop me a line if you do.
  • Via Russell, the PlayStation Portable 2.0 firmware is making the rounds. Everyone is raving about the browser, since apparently the rendering and navigation method - my main concerns - are pretty good. Input is, of course, its Achilles heel, but I'll see if I can get one and test my newspipe front-end running on it.
  • Rumors about color iPod minis.
  • There's a mobile version of Amazon US, apparently tuned for Pocket PCs.
  • iPhoto was updated, apparently to fix an EXIF bug (which, incidentally, isn't related to my rotate-and-crash woes).
  • Zimmermann is going to secure VoIP. The articles have very little technical detail (other than mentioning in passing that the prototype runs on a Mac and is based on the Shtoom Python library), so it just might interoperate properly with SIP networks.
  • Until Google Earth comes out for the Mac, you should be aware that it works fine through Windows Terminal Services/Remote Desktop - I tried it out today in a pinch using rdesktop from a UNIX box, and it was actually quite usable.

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