Random Tidbits

Tired. Stuff I think you should know about:

  •  Beta 1 gets a review (and oodles of screenshots).
  • 0.42 is available for . It mostly works on Windows, ran once on my iBook (only the once) and can't start at all on my . From the half an hour I played with it on both platforms, I can't say I like the UI much. For starters, it relies on X11, which is just plain wrong for a application (okay, it's 0.42, fine). But it's starting to display GIMP-like UI clutter and counter-intuitiveness. For instance, getting rotation handles to appear on stuff by double-clicking shapes doesn't make sense for me. The application itself is very impressive, but I can't really see myself using it until it runs reliably and ditches X11 on the . Update: pfig warned me about it creating .inkscape and .inkscape-etc in your home directory (something to get rid of if you try it). Meanwhile, it runs OK in .
  • Minimo has been updated to 0.007. Haven't tried it yet, drop me a line if you do.
  • Via Russell, the 2.0 firmware is making the rounds. Everyone is raving about the browser, since apparently the rendering and navigation method - my main concerns - are pretty good. Input is, of course, its Achilles heel, but I'll see if I can get one and test my front-end running on it.
  • Rumors about color minis.
  • There's a mobile version of Amazon US, apparently tuned for s.
  • was updated, apparently to fix an bug (which, incidentally, isn't related to my rotate-and-crash woes).
  • Zimmermann is going to secure VoIP. The articles have very little technical detail (other than mentioning in passing that the prototype runs on a and is based on the Shtoom library), so it just might interoperate properly with SIP networks.
  • Until Earth comes out for the , you should be aware that it works fine through Windows Terminal Services/ - I tried it out today in a pinch using rdesktop from a box, and it was actually quite usable.