Coding for Kids

This is a (very) incomplete list of resources for teaching kids how to program.

Date Link Notes
/2 Jun’17 Code Club Online courses for kids
Thonny A simple Python IDE for beginners
May’16 load81 A based programming environment for kids, similar to Codea.
Blockly Google’s Scratch-like toolkit for visual programming.
Stencyl A Haxe-based IDE that uses a similar approach to Scratch
Older Scratch The quintessential reference. The online version is, sadly, not as good as the original, and the iOS version is targeted at smaller children, so 6-8yos have little interest in them. Has a fair (but still very small) set of Portuguese language resources.
Codea A IDE for the iPad that has a cheaper “scratchpad” edition.
Thonny A simple cross-platform Python IDE for beginners
Pythonista Not really focused on kids, but it deserves a spot here.