Putting My Foot Down

In case you haven’t noticed yet, the site now sports a spiffy fat footer, and is a lot more mobile-friendly.

Long story short, I decided to look at AMP out of a mix of curiosity and practical interest, and after a little poking around and experimentation, decided to make a few moves in its general direction – but not bet the farm on it just yet.

Why? Well, first of all, because I’m using CloudFlare, which (among other things) already delivers content over HTTP 2.0 (which I’ve also activated on nginx locally) and does a fair bit of extra optimization.

And also because it feels a little like premature optimization. I can tweak my templating for it without much hassle and even change my rendering pipeline to convert standard HTML markup into AMP‘s subset, but there’d be fairly little return as of yet1.

But the biggest reason (and one I’m sure a fair amount of regular readers will relate to and chuckle about) is that I remember the Wireless Abomination Protocol and WML, and would very much like to believe I learned from those mistakes.

Obviously, there is absolutely no relation. I mean, it’s not as if AMP is being standardized by folk who sit between your mobile device and content providers… Right?

Oh, wait.

  1. I’m pretty sure that will happen eventually, but right now I’m rather partial to the way I managed to get HiDPI images to lazy load for tablets and how the whole thing seems to work perfectly on any device to bother with catering to mobiles only. ↩︎