Django is a Python-based MVC application framework that is almost, but not quite, completely unlike Rails (with apologies to Douglas Adams).

It is also the best framework I’ve ever used, even though it can be a little temperamental sometimes.


Category Date Link Notes
Modifications Oct’16 django-micro A lightweight wrapper to use Django as you would Bottle
Admin UI Sep’16 django-admin-sortable Extremely useful add-on for handling sortable models
Themes Jul’15 django-material A material design theme for forms and admin
Components Jun’13 qrauth A brilliant way to make it easier to log in via mobile.
Jun’12 Tastypie A great REST API extension.
UI Jun’12 extdirect.django Easy integration with ExtJS datagrids and other useful components
Apps May’12 Lightning Fast Shop an e-commerce bundle.
Sep’16 Wagtail A versatile CMS
Reference Older Running Django with FCGI and lighttpd A sensible HOWTO
Cheat Sheet An old (but useful) PDF
Matt’s list of gotchas Tales from the trenches