Erlang is a language I’ve studiously avoided despite actually having been trained to use it by Ericsson, back when we lived in caves and had no mobile data. Obviously, these days I have trouble even reading it.


Category Date Name Notes
Interop Dec 28’14 py distributed Python for the Erlang ecosystem
Servers Aug 9 elli A small, performant web server
Madness Jan’15 Nerves-Project Cross-compiled Erlang for Embedded Devices
11 May Erlang on Xen Insanely awesome, or awesomely insane, I’m not quite sure.
13 Mar Lisp Flavored Erlang
References 23 Nov Learn You Some Erlang For great good!
Web frameworks Nov’14 Phoenix An Elixir web framework
23 Nov’13 Zotonic A complete CMS
Nitrogen Very complete framework, with a somewhat iffy notion of views. Not crazy about the way it generates JavaScript.
Spooky Inspired by Sinatra, apparently, and pretty straightforward for RESTful stuff.
Erylweb The “traditional” thing, pretty much dead, apparently, even though it’s in active use in many places. Let’s call it “stable”.
BeepBeep Also on the “stable” side of things.
Webmachine Actively maintained, apparently.