Blackberry 9500 (Storm)

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  • Idle screen
  • Version 2, mostly the same

Here are some public mentions in the media that I find noteworthy and developer resources for folk interested in the platform.

Date Link Notes
Nov 11 Mobile Minute: Open GL and Flash support coming soon to your Blackberry This I gotta see.
Nov 02 It’s No Storm2, but the Original Storm with BlackBerry OS 5.0 is a Solid Storm1.8 Surprising. I must investigate this sometime.
Oct 29 First Storm 2 ad huffs and puffs for attention The punchline is very good.
Oct 19 Original BlackBerry Storm to get flick scrolling, better browsing through firmware update? I still use mine as a paperweight. The 8900 is a much better device overall.
Oct 15 Vodafone puts BlackBerry Storm2 up for 26 October preorder Oh no, not again.
Jun 18 ‘Spokesman’ Obama and A Blackberry storm 9500 Clone The Chinese, ever so creative
May 21 BlackBerry Storm 2: the official unofficial hands-on
May 15 BlackBerry Storm 2 dropping SurePress screen? I sure the hell hope so.
May 14 BlackBerry Storm 2 gets pictured early I have to wonder…
Apr 16 RIM CEO on BlackBerry Storm: ‘nobody gets it perfect out the door’ This is too good for me not to bookmark for later.
Jan 29 iSuppli: BlackBerry Storm costs $4 more than its purchase price to build Weird, to say the least.
Jan 26 BlackBerry Storm Is Off To Bit of a Bumpy Start “New reality” indeed.
Jan 20 RIM opens the BlackBerry Application storefront, says it’s going to shake up Music 2.0 Hmm.
Dec 30 The Storm is a Netbook, says RIM’s founder No comment.
Dec 18 BlackBerry Storm buyer’s remorse? You’re not alone! Mostly anecdotal evidence, but not that surprising.
BlackBerry Storm Buyers Returning Phones En Masse?
Dec 11 Gee, One Bold Storm coming up… Wherein we find the memorable sentence “Watching someone writing an email on a Storm is like watching an antelope trying to open a packet of cigarettes.”
Dec 4 Readers React to David Pogue’s Review of the BlackBerry Storm Simply amazing.
From Apple to RIM, With Love Interesting and to the point.
Nov 26 For New York Times BlackBerry Storm is a Dud Om agrees.
No Keyboard? And You Call This a BlackBerry? David Pogue holds back no punches and says what most other reviewers ought to have said.
Nov 25 Hanging out with the T-Mobile G1, iPhone 3G and the Blackberry Storm In which most people would reach the conclusion that competition isn’t that straightforward
Nov 21 BlackBerry Storm – Review and Teardown Interesting image gallery.
Nov 20 The Last Word on the BlackBerry Storm: It’s Not So Hot A round-up of many reviews, with selected quotes.
What’s a BlackBerry Without a Keyboard? – GigaOM Apparently, a “Meh”.
RIM’s BlackBerry Storm: Awkward and Disappointing Weird to read phone reviews on a PC site, but hey…
RIM BlackBerry Storm CNET rates it 3.5/5
BlackBerry Storm Review Loads of photographs, pretty much the same opinion: nice, but slow.
New Blackberry missing magic touch Another reviewer that hints that the Bold might be a better fit for demanding users.
Looking for an iPhone Killer? Better Keep Looking Choice quote: “If you […] want a touchscreen phone and are willing to put up with an OS that moves like a tranquilized yak, then yes the Storm is for you.”
Blackberry Storm, yes it can cut and paste A bit more positive.
BlackBerry’s Storm Presses Into the Touch-Phone Fray Walt Mossberg weighs in, including a video and a nice comparison table with the iPhone and G1 (more).
Verizon BlackBerry Storm review Holding back no punches.
Nov 19 BlackBerry Storm review Pretty honest review.
Nov 5 RIM Blackberry Storm unboxed In which someone confuses “paltry” with “poultry”.
Oct 29 Why BlackBerry Storm Is An iPhone (and G-1) Killer One day, I will go back and critique where this piece was right – and wrong.
Oct 15 Vodafone demonstration video shows you how to use the BlackBerry Storm Nothing amazingly new, but still…
Oct 11 Blackberry Simulators Click through and grab version 4.7 to get the 9500 simulator. Plenty of other developer resources available here.
Oct 8 RIM’s Impressive Blackberry Storm A short overview on BusinessWeek.
Oct 8 BlackBerry Storm bows, comes next month to Verizon and Vodafone Plenty of hi-res device shots for presentations.
Oct 8 BlackBerry Storm 9500 hands-on It really is fashionable to disassemble new phones – some inside shots here.