The Voters Have Spoken

Well, turns out it didn’t take long for a clear trend to emerge from the poll I put up a few days ago:

  • Most people subscribe to the complete Wiki feed (which was not news, considering the FeedBurner counters peg that at 3200 readers against 1100 for the blog-only feed)
  • Pretty much nobody had any interest in the photo feed (which is natural considering that the gallery hasn’t been updated in a while)
  • A whopping 79% would prefer to have the linkblog entries included in the full blog feed

So I froze the poll after 100 votes (107, to be precise) and got these snapshots from the (rather neat) results analysis Google provides:

(simplegallery#analysis)* Overall vote distribution

  • Photo album votes
  • A clear majority

Given these results, I’ve added the linkblog entries into the full blog feed, making the change effective immediately (one of the good things about Yaki is that you can do this without changing a single line of code…).

So if you’re one of those people who hates it when I update a generic Wiki node after a year or so (or several times over the course of a week), you might want to switch over to the blog feed.

I’ve also pointed the photo feed to the one album where I do mobile uploads from my iPhone. I suppose that’s where I will be posting random snapshots as they happen.