Blackberry Bold (9000)

The Blackberry Bold is RIM’s second 3G device (the first was the 8707, which was UMTS only), and has caused considerable alacrity among the unwashed masses due to its looks (despite it having had that concept design for years before becoming public).

At the date of this writing, nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing beats it as a corporate phone.

Good Points:

  • Still uses a standard mini-USB for charging, as everyone should
  • Fantastic 480×320 screen and font rendering
  • a decent “CPU”:Wikipedia:CPU. Things just whizz along
  • HSDPA. Not that you’re likely to need it with the optimized protocols, but it’s there for later
  • Wi-Fi (if you really need it)
  • GPS for maps and geotagging photos. Works fine, although Google Maps can’t currently make use of it

Bad Points:

  • Big(ish) compared to the Pearl
  • Battery life is good (2 days of intensive use in 3G mode), but nowhere near the week-long usage I got with the very first track-wheel models
  • The browser is starting to feel dated (Opera Mini works, though)
Date Link Notes
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