Palm Pre, Pixi and WebOS

Palm’s surprise entry for the newfangled “web-based smartphone” category.

Date Link Notes
May 29 Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus now live on O2 UK Do we still care after HP’s acquisition?
Apr 24 Another Palm exec is out… and CEO Jon Rubinstein is next? Weird.
Apr 23 AT&T Palm Pre Plus unboxed in glorious, orange detail Pre “Plus”? Hmmm. I must have dozed off.
HTC decides against bidding for Palm, kills our buzz So, no dice.
Palm CEO still thinks company can go it alone, open to webOS licensing deals I’m getting this sense of deja vu from when they licensed the original Palm OS…
Apr 20 Palm’s web-based Ares SDK goes gold Isn’t this, like, a little late?
Apr 14 Palm may be for sale, but are its patents really valuable? A bit more on Palm’s IPR. I would have thought they would be worth more at this point.
Apr 13 Official: Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus hitting Vodafone and O2 Germany on April 28 Took them long enough…
Mar 22 RIP Palm: it’s over, and here’s why It’s not the first time heralds of doom have blared their horns at Palm, but…
Mar 21 Who will buy Palm? In-depth analysis by “Jean-Louis Gassée”:Wikipedia:Jean-Louis_Gassee
Feb 26 Palm’s webOS 1.4 emerges: screenshots galore Not that different. Smoother, if anything.
Feb 07 Palm Pre Plus (and Pixi Plus) review A year later, and still not quite there (and with constant re-shufflings at the corporate level).
Nov 14 Mojo SDK 1.3.1 Now Available, featuring Pixi emulator support and docs enhancements Well, can’t fault them for making sure the emulator matches the shipping versions.
Nov 12 Palm Pixi review I can’t really get excited about this one for some reason – maybe it’s the hardware keyboard.
Nov 09 I’m Putting My Palm Pre on Notice Not a keeper, then.
Sprint Palm Pixi unboxed on video It’s a phone, comes in a box.
Nov 05 Time For Palm To Drop WebOS And Embrace Android I was wondering when folk would start asking these kind of questions, but Palm already tried using someone else’s OS and got no good out of it…
Oct 27 Palm Pixi on sale November 15 exclusively at Sprint for $100 on contract Cheap, interesting – let’s see how good it really is.
Oct 19 Dear Palm, it’s just not working out. The ripples are still spreading, and will for weeks after this was written.
Oct 13 First GSM Palm Pre now on sale in Germany, with new Euro-specific apps in tow Not much detail on the apps.
Oct 7 Palm Pre coming to Spain on Telefonica on October 14 Makes sense.
Sep 23 USB group none too happy with Palm’s iTunes hack, either Bloody predictable
Jul 16 Announcing webOSdev Finally, a developer portal and SDK.
Jul 15 iTunes 8.2.1 brings Pre’s music syncing capability to a halt How very… predictable.
Jul 9 Palm Pre Review Praise for the software, but not the hardware.
Jul 7 Official: Palm Pre launching in O2 and Movistar by end of year Kind of makes sense.
Jul 1 O2 Wins Exclusive on Pre in UK, Announcement in one week? Ah well…
Jun 26 Palm Has Half of the Business Plan Puzzle in Place I’d actually say they have a quarter of their business plan in place, given Palm’s current presence (or lack thereof) in Europe.
Jun 23 Ars reviews the Palm Pre, part 2: the webOS experience The second installment, still wandering here and there but more interesting.
Jun 22 iDesign * Pre Great selection of wallpapers.
Jun 18 In-depth review of the Palm Pre and the webOS Late to the game, but chock full of videos.
Jun 10 Ars Reviews the Palm Pre, part 1: the BlackBerry killer The piece wanders here and there, makes a few cogent points, but does not convince me in the least. To beat the Blackberry, Palm needs to address corporate needs, not the personal ones the article waltzes through.
Palm Pre A cogent and reasoned breakdown of the Pre’s Linux underpinnings
Jun 4 Designing the Palm Pre: An interview with Michelle Koh This is the stuff that really matters – the tech is useless if there aren’t guiding design principles.
How Palm Designed the Pre
Jun 3 Palm Pre review Possibly the most detailed of them all.
Palm Pre, Elegant Contender Pogue drains the battery in less than a day
Multitasking Palm Pre Brims With Power, Potential Steven Levy also mentions heavy battery drain, also thinks the keyboard is small.
Palm’s New Pre Takes On iPhone Mossberg emphasizes the app store’s current weak selection
May 28 Palm Pre First Hands On! Some complaints regarding the keyboard.
Apr 29 Palm Pre: $138 to build according to iSuppli Considering they can’t possibly have gotten one yet, this raises questions about iSupply’s reputability…
Apr 2 Palm Pre Classic emulator demoed on video Doesn’t look half bad, although realistically there aren’t that many legacy apps that make sense using on a Pre, and the lack of personal data integration can be a downer.
Mar 3 Is Vodafone in Negotiations with Palm for Pre Release? Another link that falls under my Disclaimer
Feb 24 The Pre’s Combined Messaging: Patent Pending Some notes on Palm’s patents for the Pre
Feb 18 Google demos HTML5-based Maps on the Palm Pre This is why I think HTML5 is a big deal on mobile.
Feb 16 Palm to add Flash support to webOS and Pre, joins Open Screen Project It’s almost as if they’re ticking off a ‘beat the iPhone’ checklist. Multitasking, tethering, cut&paste, Flash… (more)
Palm joins Adobe’s Open Screen Project, Pre to support Flash – Engadget
Palm Pre Eyes-On, Plus Plenty of Pre Questions Answered Rather nicely rounded article, even if the writer didn’t know that Gmail does have IMAP IDLE support.
Feb 10 GSM Palm Pre spotted with Vodafone SIM card – Engadget Here’s something that falls squarely under my Disclaimer in more ways than one.
Jan 30 Another Pre hands-on video with Palm’s VP of design Not much to say other than there are glimpses of some interesting portions of the UI.
Jan 23 Palm Pre: The Definitive FAQ
Jan 13 Palm Pre WebOS: hardware hands-on The Reg fondles it, after having licked the UI
Jan 9 The pre’s got Mojo: a developer speaks about Palm’s new SDK Not much detail, though.
Palm Pre interface tour Around 30 screenshots.
Ars talks to Palm at CES, gets under the hood with the pre Some info on the hardware (a TI OMAP 3430CPU”:Wikipedia:CPU) and the “App Catalog”
Jan 8 Palm Pre in-depth impressions, video, and huge hands-on gallery Title says it all, really.
Palm Unveils Its iPhone Rival: The Pre. Don’t Expect to Buy One Cheap Missed the bit about Exchange support. A few other factual errors.