The N90 is the only Nokia N-series I had seen before, and has entirely too many hinges to be something I'd consider usable with a single hand.

Good Points:

  • New hi-res screen and improved screen fonts.
  • Fast. Like no other Series 60 before it (although based on previous experience all "blank" Series 60 phones seem fast before you start filling the memory with contacts, photos, etc.).
  • Decent quality pictures (although the Carl Zeiss lens doesn't look like much of an improvement on the K750i).
  • High framerate video.
  • Same camera UI as the N70.

Bad Points:

  • Big, Heavy, Fiddly. Feels like a Transformer's pet rock. Doesn't carry comfortably in trouser pocket (unless you're an XXL sort of guy/gal).
  • As usual, not enough RAM to last more than a couple of hours in my hands. A couple of shots, a few contacts, and poof.
  • Incompatible with some old applications I had lying around (might be this revision, but it's common enough between different Nokia models).
  • Lens gets dirty easily.
  • Camera stick and button are fiddly.
  • Memory slot cover seems... likely to snap off, like in the N70.
  • New charger plug (oh yes, they're changing the power adapters, and it ships with... an adapter for the adapter)
  • No infrared.