Stereo Migraine

Spent the day rambling from one meeting to another with a splitting headache. Had about around 10 minutes to fiddle with Google Talk.

As a piece of software, I like it. Neat, simple, minimal, almost Zen-like. But it's no match for Gaim (which I configured flawlessly).

Didn't have the time to try their (to all effects proprietary) VoIP, and I don't think I won't, not until there's a Mac client (obviously, I use Adium).

Lots of people are commenting on Google Talk's shortcomings, integration, World Domination potential, etc., and I'll leave them to it. As a starting point, I wholeheartedly recommend reading Melo, who is blogging like a ravenous squirrel on chocolate about the reaction in the XMPP field.

I will eventually get around to doing my own thing properly, but this is easily the worst Summer I've worked through - all sorts of Dilbertesque things keep happening non-stop.

What bugs me is that all of a sudden, I have nine IM/VoIP accounts, and none of them interoperate directly with each other - which makes me think that we have learned nothing from the MSN/Yahoo/AIM tussles of the Netscape era (incidentally, Matt is thinking pretty much along the same lines).

In the meantime, Skype launched some web tchotkes that nobody seemed to care much about (even a web API won't make the difference), and Gizmo hit 1.0 - apparently without major changes (i.e., it's still not open SIP).

Update: Nicholas Riley has joined Planet Tao of Mac (via Melo, who pointed him out to me), finally added Nuno's icon (don't worry, he doesn't always look like that), and tweaked Melo's (which now looks much better). And no, we don't all wear beards.

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