iPhone 3GS

This page is another link dump regarding the 3GS iPhone refresh. Some of the material from the 3G page has been moved over as appropriate.

Date Link Notes
Jun 02 AT&T Will Finally Allow iPhone “Tethering” — For $20 Extra A Month Amazing.
May 29 Walmart Slashes iPhone 3GS Price In Half To $97 More on the stock clearances.
May 25 Walmart officially cuts iPhone 3GS to $97, potentially clearing out inventory for the iPhone 4? I’d do that.
May 19 Apple grabs 72% of Japan’s smartphone market Not bad for something that would have “little to no impact”
May 14 Facebook integration rumored for iPhone OS 4 The social play.
May 04 Chinese iPhone approved with WAPI WiFi Interesting.
Apr 21 Apple’s Chinese iPhone sales explode China, that great untapped market…
Apr 8 Apple Previews iPhone OS 4 Multi-tasking, at last.
Mar 26 Entelligence: Mobile multitasking is mostly a myth So true, but the tech pundits are too techie to realize that less buzzwords sell better.
Feb 23 Gartner Says Worldwide Mobile Phone Sales to End Users Grew 8 Per Cent in Fourth Quarter 2009; Market Remained Flat in 2009 A nice overview if you like stats.
iPhone and Android biggest winners in mobile market in 2009 Another couple of nice bar charts that (for a change) show worldwide data:
Feb 09 Does the iPhone OS Need Multitasking? Some people’s fixation with multitasking never ceases to amaze me.
Feb 08 Stat Shot: How the iPhone Changed the Handset Market The Deutsche Bank chart is amazing:
Jan 25 Vodafone [UK] sells 100K iPhones in 7 days Not too shabby.
Dec 21 iPhone and Vodafone UK set the date: January 14 no comment.
Dec 18 iPhone controls 46% of Japanese smartphone market Pretty impressive. Let me guess, the fact that they don’t have a physical keyboard and tweaked every single known Asian input method has something to do with it.
Nov 25 iPhone to be sold by Tesco in the UK, hemorrhages cachet I suppose this is product placement of sorts.
Nov 23 The end of exclusivity leading to big iPhone sales in Europe Didn’t take a genius to figure that out.
Nov 12 Apple grabs 17% of smartphone market in latest quarter The graph is good enough to keep around here:
Nov 03 Vodafone promises “iPhone surprises” – ElectricPig.tv I’m not telling.
iPhone: Big in China The scale of the country makes the figures meaningless…
China Unicom: Just 5,000 iPhones Sold Since Debut Last time I looked at cost of living and average income in China, things were definitely not stacked on Apple’s favor, but still…
Nov 02 WSJ: Official iPhone Launch in China Off to Sputtering Start Interesting read.
Oct 31 Chinese iPhone Lacks Wi-Fi I still don’t fully get why the Chinese keep backing their own standard (which, by the way, makes it easier to track individual users). Then again, not having to go through the mess that has been the transition to WPA might have saved them a lot of hassles…
Oct 30 iPhone Launch in China: Little Buzz, No WiFi Not much news, really.
Oct 28 Apple Will ‘Vigorously’ Defend Against Nokia iPhone Lawsuit Yep. This is going to take years.
Oct 27 Verizon: we’re “interested” in iPhone, ball in Apple’s court I’m sure the secretary took notice they called.
Oct 24 AT&T Mobility CEO suggests iPhone exclusivity will end… sometime …sometime is pretty precise. Ah well.
Oct 23 Nokia sues Apple, says iPhone infringes patents A bit more detail on the suit and per-device royalties.
Oct 22 iPhone headed to Telus and Bell’s fancy new HSPA networks next month? Canada is a strange (but welcoming) place.
Oct 15 In App Purchase Enables Free iPhone App Demos I’m cautiously optimistic, since there are two sides to this coin.
Oct 7 iPhone To Be Offered From Multiple Carriers, eh Of course.
Oct 5 iPhone headed to Telus and Bell’s fancy new HSPA networks next month? Yep, exclusivity deals seem to be over…
Sep 5 An Update on iPhone MMS for our Mobility Customers MMS will only be available in the US on Sep 25th (probably no tethering). Another big difference between US and “European“European carriers…
Aug 28 China Unicom officially says ‘ni hao’ to iPhone 3GS a bit more detail, but not much.
iPhone coming to China Unicom in Q4 — it’s official A non-exclusive deal, apparently without Wi-Fi and little known details.
Jun 24 iPhone 3GS: $179 to build says iSuppli I’m starting to think these cost estimates are bunk, but they’re useful as a reference point anyway.
Jun 22 Review: iPhone 3GS lives up to its speedy claims Pretty extensive review
Apple: 1 million iPhone 3G Ses sold, 6 million downloads of 3.0 Impressive.
Jun 20 Review: iPhone 3G S — Rob Old Ladies to Get It I wouldn’t be that extreme, but the gallery is interesting.
Jun 19 iPhone, therefore I Am Stephen Fry reviews the 3GS in his own inimitable style
Jun 18 iPhone 3G S Repair Guide The teardown frenzy makes its first casualties.
iFixit 3GS teardown
Jun 10 The iPhone 3GS Hardware Exposed & Analyzed A knowledgeable breakdown of the hardware.