All Manner Of Distractions

Today I spent the entire day worrying about miscellaneous stuff, which made me seek out all sorts of ways to keep my head busy from the moment I woke up and decided to read the news on my (which I have been neglecting of late, ) instead of my (which just works):

  • Being ultimately fed up with Gnome Do crashing upon startup, I upgraded to the new bleeding-edge version and fooled with it’s UI, which is nice but kind of pointless on an since it wastes vertical space – I reverted to the classic version ASAP.
  • Also before breakfast, I found out about Blueman, and used it in a (nearly) sane way to set up a dial-up connection under (it doesn’t allow for multiple profiles, but works if you set the broadband connection settings in Network Manager to “Connect automatically”).
  • I reached inbox zero at work, submitted a bunch of requirements for network services and volunteered for another public appearance (I’ll be presenting to grad students in March, this time to a non-technical audience – last time I went to IST and talked about KM for an hour or so).
  • After yet another bout of flakiness, I finally gave up on the client for . The current version is , and running on inside works a lot better than the native version, which, of course, ultimately spells the end for on my . Also of note, the local wizard popped over to show me one of the new desktop thin clients, and they look great.
  • And, last but not least, I got a Jawbone, which was, er… jaw-dropping. I have yet to try it out, but the packaging and presentation is , and it was a most welcome end to my work day.

And now, to read The Economist on my , and try to relax a little.

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