All Manner Of Distractions

Today I spent the entire day worrying about miscellaneous stuff, which made me seek out all sorts of ways to keep my head busy from the moment I woke up and decided to read the news on my Eee (which I have been neglecting of late, for good reason) instead of my iPod (which just works):

  • Being ultimately fed up with Gnome Do crashing upon startup, I upgraded to the new bleeding-edge version and fooled with it’s Dock-like UI, which is nice but kind of pointless on an Eee since it wastes vertical space – I reverted to the classic version ASAP.
  • Also before breakfast, I found out about Blueman, and used it in a (nearly) sane way to set up a Bluetooth dial-up connection under Ubuntu (it doesn’t allow for multiple profiles, but works if you set the broadband connection settings in Network Manager to “Connect automatically”).
  • I reached inbox zero at work, submitted a bunch of Marketing requirements for network services and volunteered for another public appearance (I’ll be presenting to grad students in March, this time to a non-technical audience – last time I went to IST and talked about KM for an hour or so).
  • After yet another bout of flakiness, I finally gave up on the Citrix client for Linux. The current version is an outdated piece of junk, and running on XP inside VirtualBox works a lot better than the native version, which, of course, ultimately spells the end for Ubuntu on my Eee. Also of note, the local Citrix wizard popped over to show me one of the new desktop thin clients, and they look great.
  • And, last but not least, I got a Jawbone, which was, er… jaw-dropping. I have yet to try it out, but the packaging and presentation is Apple-grade, and it was a most welcome end to my work day.

And now, to read The Economist on my Sony Reader, and try to relax a little.

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