Lack of Vision

No, I haven’t been watching BSG, although I already know who the fifth “Cylon”:Wikipedia:Cylon is.

I won’t spoil the, er… fun, other than saying the plot seems to be meandering to and fro like an inebriated giraffe that keeps hitting its head on lampposts, but that’s beside the point right now.

At least we didn’t get hoverbikes this time.

What happened was that a combination of poor weather, tiredness and eye trouble (dry eye) has conspired to keep me mostly offline during the past few days, puttering about the house and carting a hefty paper “book”:ISBN:9781405088848 around in between changing diapers, playing with cubes and watching small amounts of (ever worse) .

I hiked up font sizes on everything to a ludicrous size and have been making relatively good use of features in various devices, but I should point out that is definitely not very high on the list of recommended devices to use for an extended amount of time if you value your eyesight.

Score one for the conventional laptop.

Nor can I put up with “Stanza”:AppStore:Stanza very well at the moment, which is why I (after some research and perusal of old correspondence with pfig) decided to order a from Waterstones, which should be arriving any day now.

That in itself deserves a separate post, but, in a nutshell, I was swayed by three things:

  • The fact that I have already
  • My not wanting to keep staring at computer screens in the wee hours of the night
  • A short test run of Calibre, which has some impressive batch content scraping abilities

This despite the thing’s ludicrous “DRM”:Wikipedia:Digital_rights_management scheme, which I plan on having no truck with.

And in case you’re wondering why I didn’t buy your favorite brand of e-book reader, the full answers will be forthcoming soon, but boil down to the isn’t here yet.

More on that in a few days, hopefully.

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