Assistive Technologies

A node for stuff I find related to assistive technologies. The only criteria for listing things here will be that they be free or fulfill very special, hard-to-find needs.

Date Link Notes
Dec 31 2018 “Talon”: Developer-oriented, seems pretty extensible
Oct 21 2009 Proloquo2Go: Assistive communication for the iPhone and iPod touch Bit pricey, though.
Oct 16 Interview: Media Atelier on Retina for Color-blind iPhone Users Now this is a clever idea if I ever saw one.
Older European Portuguese TTS US$149, 30-day trial
GlovePIE an alternate input support application focused on games (but which has other uses)
Script Packs for MacSpeech
Freelook head/object tracker, Windows only.
CamTrack for Linux Not at all useful (hasn’t been updated for a good while), but interesting.
Cammover Flash-based motion tracking, with source.
IBM Head-Tracking Pointer for Windows
Mouse Options a few kid-oriented options as well.
Dasher a cross-platform method for predictive text input.
KeyStrokes an on-screen keyboard.
Orca “Gnome”:Wikipedia:GNOME screen reader.
Soap an intriguing twist on the ordinary mouse.