Checking in

As a way to counteract work stress, and taking advantage of Portuguese holidays (which threw a couple of 3-day weekends our way this year) I’ve been catching up with all kinds of stuff entertainment-wise.

I’ve finally watched “WALL-E”:IMDB:tt0910970 and “Kung Fu Panda”:IMDB:tt0441773 (on DVD, alas), gone through all sorts of e-books on “Stanza”:AppStore:Stanza, and started watching the Portuguese version of Sci-Fi – which so far seems to be a dumping ground for their SD back catalog rather than new shows (or HD content of any description), but has some interesting tidbits.

Overall, I suppose I can’t complain much. But I miss the times when my writing output was measured in pages rather than sentences. And no, I won’t blame Twitter – writing is best done when the mood strikes, and right now I’d rather do other stuff.

But I’ve taken up a more active interest in photography of late, and hope to come round to writing about that (and assorted bits of coding) sometime soon.