Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Yep, that’s true. Despite being a family man these days and having just done a couple of Km uphill pushing a pram, I grabbed the iUI trunk, fixed its current (buggy) evaluation of the current page title (added .value onto that specific line), created my own “post to delicious” bookmarklet and whipped up a dozen lines of Snakelets code to post items to delicious from my iPhone and iPod Touch without having to endure the asinine stupidity that is the current web front-end.

I was that annoyed at them. And no, it’s not public yet. I’m not sure it will ever be, since there’s hardly any point in attempting to maintain a public web service loosely tied to another (infinitely bigger) public web service that ought to have done this in the first place.

Next weekend, if I have the time, I’ll probably add a way to view the last 10 or so posted items. I only post from mobile devices to follow up later on a desktop, but it makes sense to do this, as the v1 API makes it relatively painless.

I am, however, more than a bit miffed to see that they haven’t updated the public API or their excellent Firefox extension, since I can only (apparently) post 255-character descriptions via my little front-end and Firefox on the Mac (definitely) keeps putting up “255” next to the extended description field.

Get your act together, guys.