So, here’s a status report of sorts:

My .Mac mail troubles remain. There is no more feedback from Apple, and I’m not likely to complain again – as far as I’m concerned, the only reason I don’t cancel my account right now is that I might as well use it until it renews (and I don’t want the hassle of moving my photos and some e-mail right now).

As to the rest, well… there’s been entirely too much going on at work, so I’ve been trying to unwind by any means possible.

Since the usual news sites are getting worse and worse in terms of quality content (some say that the web is fast becoming as “unwatchable” as regular TV, and I agree1), I’ve been spending most evenings reading books and posting the occasional link via my iPod.

And that’s it, really. Somehow, work started creeping up on me to the point where it’s actually more interesting than most of my usual hobbies, although (for good measure) I’ve recently had the rare opportunity to use a Python script while doing customer segmentation.

I must be the weirdest Marketing guy ever.

1 Wasn’t Newsvine supposed to buck this trend? It’s turned into something like Twitter with references (and ads) as far as I’m concerned…

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