Hyperbole On The Loose, Twice

Ah, yes, Monday. A day of madness, after a sort, if only due to the ads and the ensuing hysteria. At least the has been set, which means that there’s one less thing to speculate about.

Lots of people will be scrutinizing every single pixel on those looking for clues, so I’ll stick to a single thing that struck me when I went to see the ads, rather than say oh, look, they’re actually selling a phone by showing how it works:

always uses very neat URLs.

Rather off-topic, I know, but then again, I won’t be saying much about the for a good while.

In another plane of existence altogether, Mark has posted an anniversary note of sorts.

Interesting to read that he hasn’t had a single hardware compatibility issue with – on a desktop.

Yes, he bought a desktop computer last year, and I’m curious to know what kind of laptop he uses for his day to day work, and whether he ever got it to work properly.

Either way, I now realize that I never got around to printing the .

Finally, my personal e-mail backlog is now officially out of control. Given that I will be extremely busy for a good while yet, I beg all my correspondents (both foreign and local) to indulge me and wait a bit more…