Running Through

Leaving the office after 9PM is becoming so usual it’s not even funny anymore. Before going to bed, here’s the results of skimming my feeds for 30 minutes:

  • New . Slimmer, nicer, LED backlit, hopefully with less hardware issues. In the Intel era, has to keep up with the rat race – and yet, they manage to push the envelope.
  • OpenOffice finally pushed out an alpha build for build that does not require the aberration of X11. Maybe has its days numbered, maybe not.
  • 3.0 is out. I have foregone standalone RSS readers, but I will give it a whirl for old time’s sake.
  • has also been updated, to 1.5. Simply lovely, as usual (I pounced on the link as soon as I saw it and am using it right now).
  • MarsEdit was also updated. I will probably take a look at using it with at some point in the future (yeah, I know, I’d have to implement Atom or something like it).
  • The Drobo got reviewed. Unstable? That’s not a good impression to have from a storage appliance of any kind.
  • People who made fun of the will probably have a field day with this or this. The sub-notebook is back with a vengeance, and I like it.