Quiet Time

Spent the last hour fixing some bugs, patching some broken content and adding Technorati tags to the RSS feeds. The repository on Google Code has been updated accordingly.

Before you ask, comments will be coming back soon. Portions of the code have already been committed to "svn":Subversion, but I haven’t had the time to piece it all together yet.

Prior to that, I swung down by FNAC and got myself “Thud”:ISBN:0552152676, the “Oxford Chinese Minidictionary”:ISBN:0198603649 (which, despite the single negative review on Amazon, is way better than having no dictionary at all) and the newfangled “Hunters of Dune”:ISBN:0340837497.

Not that I expect much from that last one, mind you. Frank Herbert was a brilliant writer, and previous Dune books by his son have so far failed to live up to the brilliance of the overall vision.

But hey, at least this way I can confirm that firsthand.