The New Portuguese ID Card - and Macs

There's been a bit of noise recently concering the new national ID card that is apparently being tested in the Azores. I haven't really kept track of it, but it sort of cropped up on me today, completely out of the blue.

Now, as anyone will tell you, I am usually skeptical about this sort of thing, both due to the issues involved and to the usual coalescence of vendor-driven solutions to solve what are (or should be) essentially open-ended problems that require open, interoperable solutions.

Anyway, I had the opportunity of taking a cursory glance at the manual (PDF link, in ) and noticing that the supported platforms are:

...but no or , apparently. This despite there actually being a installation file for the software.

Not wanting to diss this before it gets rolling (it has a lot of good points, despite my expecting privacy Zealots to come crawling out of the woodwork any second now), I hope they update the manual soon, and that it includes suitable configuration instructions for both and , especially if using this is going to become any sort of requirement for legal documents, tax returns, signed e-mail, etc.

After all, I shouldn't be excluded from citizenship just because I don't use the "right" kind of computer, right? Otherwise, I might feel tempted to follow pfig's example and "upgrade countries"...

Just kidding, of course. But this should be very interesting to keep track of.