Mulling Team Management Tools

Okay, so I've just updated the iPhone node with all the latest MacWorld speculation (including the Hivelogic Podcast, which, despite running off into the sunset where it regards how an iPhone would work with the Mac if it did happen, starts out very sensibly), and am now looking at TaskList and wondering about the late Microsoft Team Manager.

Since TaskList is Open Source, it could be hacked to emulate Team Manager by adding a shared store of some kind (maybe even over HTTP/FTP) - I mean, the thing even has RSS publishing and a reporting engine...

I guess my interest in Groupware and CSCW isn't dead yet - despite years spent watching many companies trying to coordinate teams using Exchange, Notes or web-based stuff (and now Wikis, in the mistaken belief that free-for-all Knowledge Management and web indexing will make better collaborative tools), I'm still looking for the next Groove.

But hey, when most people can't figure out Outlook task assignments (or hack their own Excel reports from them), I guess it will be a while yet.

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