I love Sunday mornings. Although this week I didn’t don a jumpsuit and make a nuisance of myself in riverside walkways (I’d rather hop on a treadmill), I did try my hand at Wii Sports and decided golf is kind of my thing.

Whether or not this will lead to my prancing around green fields with a horridly expensive set of glorified sticks is still open for debate, but at least my craving for FPS shoot-em-ups is being adequately compensated for.

Yes, I’m aware of Metroid, but I’ll wait until the price drops to something a bit more sensible. Maybe next .

Anyway, now that I had a bit more time to play around with it, there were two other things that surprised me on the Wii today: The Opera browser renders RSS feeds in a neat, easily navigable view, and (gasp) TiddlyWiki works!

Still, and despite the fun I’ve been having with it, I think Nintendo needs to polish their Internet user experience a bit. Their online store is still slow as molasses, and the notion of their ever charging for the browser has become more outlandish as time progresses - especially if the “final” version does not bring tremendous improvements.

A few tidbits that caught my attention in the meantime:

  • I’ve been laughing myself silly with the rumors that the Xbox360 is going to have IPTV support (no, I’m not going to tell you why - it’s a very long story).
  • Nokia, not content with their at a web tablet, are now selling the N800 in the US. I wonder if they just filed the corners and added a webcam, or if they actually make it fast this time around. One thing’s for sure: at US$399, it still ain’t cheap.
  • I’ve gone back to paying attention (or trying) to handset rumors. Here’s SonyEricsson’s , and RIM’s widest.
  • is great. If I used a at the office, it would make a great complement to my Moleskine.
  • Via Ranchero, two Macworld keynote bingos: 1, 2. Have the appropriate amount of fun, I most likely won’t be able to pay any attention to the keynote until the day after…