Chives and Cheese

Sorry about the title, Jamie Oliver is on the telly and I've been far too busy this week having my mental paradigms shifted to have a go at a relevant title. Here's some news highlights:

  • It looks like the guys are getting their act together. As far as I'm concerned they're and seem to be completely ignoring power management, but RandR 1.2 seems very interesting indeed.
  • I kind of forgot about , but rumors keep popping up about, er... an "iSheet". Doesn't look like it's going to be able to replace for me, though.
  • Yes, I'm kind of curious about MacWorld this year. Can't say I like the hysteria preceding it, though, and wish someone would publish a scorecard of failed predictions afterwards (although that would have to be a very big scorecard, judging from the amount of junk I've had to filter from my feeds).
  • I find these reports of micro- disturbing, just when I was getting used to using the same vanilla cables for my phones and the rest of my gear.
  • There's this "Month of Bugs" thing floating around. Man, that's so 2006. When will people realize that has bugs just like any other operating system? And, better still, that there's really no point in going on about it?