Warning: DNS Changes Ahead, Possible .Mac Phase-Out

Just a quick heads-up to say that www.taoofmac.com now points to (as in Apps For Your Domain), and that I will be creating an MX record for taoofmac.com, creating an (obviously named) e-mail account there.

The reasons for this are manifold:

  • I've been meaning to do this sort of thing for a year now, since I needed to phase out a couple of my domains (namely accao.net, which has become a Spam magnet and that I will be wiping out from existence soon). I have been gradually phasing out e-mail to the old addresses, and it's about time I moved on.
  • I want to try out the notion of an all-in-one web solution. Not because I think it will replace the things I use today, but because:
    • It's a useful complement (especially if I can use it with mobile devices).
    • I want to have a very clear picture of what is doing in that segment.
    • It's something I am commonly asked to help many other people with (so much so that I've often contemplated becoming an independent consultant like Melo), and I want to know if it's suitable for (micro-)SMEs and why (or why not).
  • Furthermore, it lets me create multiple mail accounts and aliases (which means I can set up accounts for family or a small team, share calendars among them, etc.).

And, finally, because I'm 11 days from my (solo) account renewal, and the only reason I can find for keeping it is having "the whole experience" on tap. It's not about the cash, it's about the functionality (and I clearly classify the upcoming webmail upgrade as "too little, perchance too late" - even if the screenshots do hint at it having Spam filtering).

Sure, I don't get IMAP mail at (which is a very big drawback), but it has the neat twist of letting me create simple web pages in a flash.

You just type stuff in, and boom!

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