.Mac - And Round And Round We Go...

I know I'm tired, sleepy and not quite yet in the weekend mood, but something odd just happened - I got my .Mac renewal notice today, the 14th.

Let's recap: I received the 30-day renewal pitch on September 15th, telling me that 30 days hence .Mac would renew unless I went and clicked on something (which always seemed like a sort of "dead man's switch" approach at customer retention).

That renewal e-mail and the .Mac renewal page itself mentioned October 15th as the renewal date.

And, in every calendar I can access right now except the ancient Mayan (which, incidentally, will come to an end in 2012), today it is the 14th.

I'm assuming I missed out on the words "up to" or a similar turn of phrase...

Anyway, like I've written a number of times before, I'm sticking to .Mac in the (seemingly mistaken belief) that it will be an important part of "the full Mac experience", but it still feels a lot like a tax -

You pay for it in hope that some of that money will be used by the powers that be to improve something, and don't really think you are getting anywhere near your money's worth.

Not that it's much use but... Hey, Apple!: Ajax e-mail is not worth US$99. No matter how much it looks like Mail.app (which, let's face it, isn't the cleverest MUA out there).

There had better be some BIG value-for-money add-ons this time around, since I'm already phasing out my use of the IMAP .Mac service (should take me three months or so to update all my subscriptions).

Like I posted before, I'm hoping that Google will eventually come to their senses and do IMAP e-mail (although I don't think they will do so since it would nullify the need to visit the web interface to rummage through folders and such, and hence lower ad revenue).

We'll see.

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