Sieves, Cubes and Other Trivia

First off, a word of thanks to Celso Pinto for pointing me to Sieve. procmail is no more, although I have yet to learn how to pull off arcane magic such as automatic folder creation for new mailing-lists, which I pulled off like so:

* ^((List-Id|Mailing-List|X-(Mailing-)?List):(.*[<]\/[^>]*))
 * LISTID ?? ^\/[^@\.]*
 "Mailing Lists/$MATCH"

Evil, isn't it? Kind of Perl's second cousin. Anyway, I thought I'd put it up here for posterity - you never know when these things will come in handy.

Next up, Melo has taken upon himself to provide the Cube I received and cared for with a new home. Please direct your jealousy at owning such a finely honed piece of design and engineering his way.

He might not notice you, though - he's probably fondling the perspex and drooling over the machine's internals even now.

I've also been re-visiting FreeMind - or, rather, the new version of its Flash browser, which you can see at work here. It's still got a few kinks (such as the awkward menu and the inexplicable resizing of the menu text when zooming the map), but it's much improved.

Sadly, FreeMind iself seems to be somewhat stalled, and still doesn't feel very Mac-like (i.e., at all).

Anyway, now that I've tamed my new e-mail setup, I've got to prune the RSS garden - it seems I've been missing out on a lot of stuff, which will come to over the next few days.