Gritting My Teeth And Moving On

After migrating all my e-mail to my mini and tallying up yesterday's losses (at least those I can remember), I've finally kicked my Linux box out of the network, re-flashed my WRT54GS (which I've been meaning to do for a while, but put off until I could re-arrange things a bit) and am now rebuilding my RRDTool setup (which requires a few extra twists), sketching out a backup approach and trying to get fetchmail to deliver directly to Cyrus IMAP folders via procmail.

I searched around a bit and found this nice hint over at AFP548, but it's not exactly my setup - although I'm using pretty much the same base packages, I don't use Postfix and would rather run procmail under my own user account.

Any Cyrus deliver experts lurking in the audience? I'm using procmail directly as an MDA for fetchmail, but can't quite get it to play nice with deliver - yet.

After that's working, I'll toss in SpamAssassin - my aggregated inbox looks like a Spam minefield without it.

Another few evenings or so should do it (I told you it would take a while...)