Oh, There Was That, Too...

Well, it turns out that I had a bunch of secondary, nitty-gritty details implemented in my Linux server that needed replicating, so I spent a good while tweaking SpamAssassin (making a few silly mistakes), figuring out how to train it using Cyrus (making a couple of real dumb ones), updating my RRDTool setup (making yet another set of silly mistakes, but documenting the changes) and generally getting back in touch with my inner sysadmin.

It's been three or four evenings of patient tweaking (with me tired as hell, as usual), and despite being thoroughly satisfied with things like MacPorts I've yet to get Subversion migrated properly (with all the server-side bells and whistles). Good thing I'm using SVNTrac and not Trac, otherwise the web interface would have been a royal pain to setup.

Considering that my previous setup ran for years with only minimal (but cumulative) tweaks, I hope this one will as well. It won't outlive Stargate/SG-1, but then again, it's bound to have a lot less of an identity crisis.

Which reminds me, it's about time to order some DVDs to patch over the inadequacies of portuguese TV. I've already trampled through most of the post-90s Sci-Fi universe (Firefly and Farscape included, obviously), Lost is a plot train wreck, 24 feels like it's last week's episode, and House, glib as it is, is a very tough act to follow, so... What are people watching these days?

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