You Know You're Becoming a Luddite When...

  • You stop thinking of faxes as a quaint affectation of "unwired" companies and start finding them useful.
  • You can't find a typewriter for sale anywhere (and there are still pretty good uses for typewriters, such as filling out paper forms).
  • You can't buy a decent phone without a camera, and become acutely aware that phones haven't shrunk, become easier to use or gotten significant improvements in battery life in the past five years.
  • You become so annoyed with the lack of a decent cross-platform feature in (instead of its idiotic half-assed server that can't handle international keyboards properly - #4567337) that you set up an X11 environment to run Thunderbird remotely. And no, for chrissakes, I don't want to run OSXvnc - it doesn't work either.
  • You find yourself cursing the idiots who thought turning FontForge into a WINE build dependency was "sensible" because "everyone has it" - except, of course, your five-year-old server, where you can't compile it.