Macs and Books, but no MacBooks

So, no new MacBooks today, huh? Guess that's yet another (soon to be forgotten) missed opportunity for the rumor sites to keep quiet...

Anyway, I'd like to thank Marcus Roberts for knocking Alastair Reynolds' Century Rain off my Amazon WishList. I meant to order it last time around, but I was already overstepping my "personal entertainment" budget with, er... Lemmings (it is oddly like corporate management in a way, especially when they pour down cliffs...).

For those of you who have taken an interest in Jazz and developed it beyond my mere dabbling, I assume Marcus is not the Jazz pianist by the same name, since there was an UK address on the invoice...

Thank you very much indeed - I love Alastair Reynolds' stuff, and will start reading it this very night (the rest of the Shadow Saga can wait a bit).

Blast From The Past

On another topic, I'm trying out content conversion scripts to move this Wiki to Yaki (which, er... sort of works right now), and while looking at the logs I noticed quite a few hits on a year-old post.

Turns out it's just been re-linked to, which means I really ought to re-think the namespace for blog posts - the year needs to be more obvious.