Link Dump

Ah, Mondays. Today was a fair one, even if I was a bit worried about some people (I guess someone has to take the brunt of Mondays...).

  • There's a lot of noise regarding Wii reviews, launches tomorrow, and various other kinds of UGOs (Unconfirmed Gadgetry Objects) that I won't bother linking to.
  • Wow, vim 7.0 is out. I've become pretty much -oriented at home, but vim is still my editor of choice everywhere else, so I await the Cygwin package with interest.
  • There's a bleeding-edge update with a bazillion new tweaks (mostly UI-related that I've noticed so far), including something called "droplets" that seem to be a way to invoke 's own actions by dragging files to them. , watch out...
  • has been updated to 1.2, also with new preference dialogues.
  • Oh, and VideoLAN has been updated as well. A couple of folk I know are dying to have them support the IR remote... Looks like it's not quite there yet, even though there's Intel support.
  • Farewell, SGI, I will miss the purple fridges I learned OpenGL on...
  • Wow, got bought (via Michael, via ). Hmmm. Good thing, since I was looking for a simple PDF form handler, and PDFpen looks interesting.
  • A few people sent me this eWeek article on thin clients as a follow-up to my . There is also a lot of e-mail I haven't yet gone through - please be patient.

And finally, via David (via "for:rcarmo"), here is our moment of Zen. Absolutely hilarious if you're a fan.