Slow Day

So, it's the day before 's 30th anniversary, and here I am waiting for an ancient laptop to install Core 5 - I decided to have another go at some of my kernel hacks, so I need more than one machine running it (I also have some hope that the recent slew of updates has finally gotten power management to work as advertised).

In the meantime, here are some links of interest:

  • Yes, Mobile GMaps is now GPS-enabled. I don't have a Bluetooth GPS handy and the updated applet won't run on my , but both are sure to be only a matter of time.
  • d3, a neat TiddlyWiki-based approach to (via Merlin Mann). The neatest thing about it is that it can update itself over , thereby ensuring you're always on the bleeding edge.
  • All geeks can rejoice, XScreensaver for has gone beta, and despite some OpenGL quirks, most of the time-honored favorites run wonderfully (via the spool, who are also into bouncing cows).
  • A few people pointed me to this new Belkin KVM switch, which despite having one feature too many for me (i.e., audio), might be interesting to who paid attention to my .
  • Via Michael, the return of the Eolas patent nonsense, which is going to break a lot of functionality (whether or not it was broken in the first place, or what other bits of will remain broken, is left for the reader to decide). One likely fix for most purposes is here, but it won't be as unobtrusive as you'd might expect...