Stereo Octopi

OK, then. The Cube is settled. I've re-cabled everything, installed DarwinPorts on it, tweaked the configs a bit, and am now waiting for Sourceforge's CVS to return from the dead (pserver access seems to be out of whack, and I wanted to grab the bleeding-edge Snakelets stuff).

There isn't much news to speak of (although attentive readers will notice a few updates to various Wiki nodes), and I've got Outlook in the background reminding me that I have a bunch of documentation to review, so I guess there won't be much tweaking getting done tonight.

But to finish the Cube topic, I am now in search of a USB-only KVM that requires no power supply and that is the smallest possible size - preferably without cables.

The closest things I can find are the D-Link DKVM-2U and the Belkin F1DK102U (talk about a mouthful, huh?):

...but I don't really want that much cabling, and can't find either on Portuguese online shops (not that that will stop me).

Pointers to smaller/simpler stuff are welcome.

And now, back to Outlook.