Do Not Disturb

I'm coding again, part of an aggressive pushback for actually doing something for fun at home instead of wading through Outlook remotely.

Here's some news of interest:

  • More rumors about an Apple special event. Me, I'll wait for April 1st...
  • More reason to disable the "Open 'safe' files after downloading" option in Safari (if you haven't already) and never run anything as an administrative user (which I recommend for ages now). But there is no reason for widespread panic just yet.
  • Via blech, the Canon/EOS 30D, which I'll be looking into later for the sheer fun of it.
  • Colin writes about the $100 Laptop/OLPC SDK, which is available here, and can be run under QEMU.
  • A bazillion people sent me this link to a Skype alpha running on Series 60, to the extent that I'm publishing it just to make them stop. Note the "latency of up to about a second" bit, but the comments are the really amazing part (an odd mixture of moderately informed and utterly clueless hype victims...).

Ah well.

Update: Two things I also got in my inbox tonight for the second time:

  • Three people have pointed out over the past few days that 10.4.5 got zero updates where it relates to iSync support, and that it has been roughly six months since the last time new phones were added - by their reckoning. I have a feeling it's been even longer... but any way you cut it, it's far too long, and it's ridiculous to have the three best-selling European phones over Xmas and having to cobble together my own plugins for them. Get with the program, guys!
  • The (previously free) Novamedia plugins for iSync are now marked at Eur. 9.95. I will be updating my HOWTO accordingly, since the last person who e-mailed me was a bit upset at my "advertising" them - I had no idea they had stopped being free until Sunday, but I never got around to check the first correspondent's comment until the second hit my inbox.

There's nothing fundamentally wrong with it, mind you. They are merely filling the gap that Apple left (wide open) and probably providing support as well...

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