Nearly Quiet

In a welcome change from the rest of the week, I’ve been chilling out, watching the commentary on the week’s main news topic over here and fiddling with a Bluetooth GPS I borrowed over the weekend.

I’ve also been paying some attention to the rumors of the new , but I can’t really call them credible until I figure out a bit more about how the interface might work - but like the rumors that accompany them, I’d rather wait and see (please don’t point me to the numerous 6G mockups around the web, I’ve seen them already).

I also glanced at the workaround that is supposed to be rolled out for US devices, but stuff like 3.1 and Delicious Library 1.6.1 were a bit more interesting.

Haven’t had time to download either, though.

Update: Via JWZ, I just came across these utterly amazing tableaux that seem to be done with miniature railroad figurines: